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China Business Parter China Business Agent

China Business Parter China Business Agent

China Business Agent China Employee China parter China Guider China Translator China Service China Friend

  • China have many good factories ,but them dont know english ,but their products quality is good, and price is cheaper , Our company can help you for such business ! 

  • 1: Please Order our Products service for  USD9.97 , one goods is USD9.97, if you want find 10 different goods , please order 10*USD9.97..... 

2: Please send your products requirements (Products parameters, Size , quantity.......) to our email , we will be find factories for you ,give you price , we need spend many time for your products , we will be make sure everythings is good !    

if you order products , you need give us 2% reward for payment , for example , products payment is USD100, our reward money is USD2, like this ......

3: Please tell us your receiver address , we will be arrange shipping for you , it if free-service for shipping ,but please pay shipping money by yourself , Thank you !

4: Our service is USD9.97 (one products) and 2% reward for products payment , other work is free ,Thank you ! 

5: We hope , we can become good business parter and good friends all the life , Thank you !